Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Who WRITES this Dreck?

Who writes this runny, reeking shit, this feculent, fantastical codswallop, this mire of propaganda, half-truth and mis-information?

So here's another regurgitation from the O'bots, tolling the accomplishments of brave St. Barry, the Capitulator. The thing that truly annoys me is that they expect me to FALL for it! We have not world enough nor time, but:
That deficit reduction was accomplished in no small part on the backs of the poor and the workers' future Social Security benefits.

What "health care reform?" The health insurance INDUSTRY bail-out? The number of people who have so far seen any BENEFITS from this reform is miniscule, and for the rest, well, it's a LONG time til 2014. And the 40 THOUSAND who were dying in 2009 from lack of insurance? Most of 'em are still dying.

How can all the bail-outs have been repaid when the Banksters are still receiving them, in the form of preferential treatment in the law.

Why is REDUCING the number of federal employees in the teeth of a De-Cession and putting ADDITIONAL people out of work, a GOOD thing?

Free trade agreements? You're bragging about free-trade agreements which take USer's jobs and USer plant OUT OF THE COUNTRY? Thanks,, Barry...

Who SAID Ghadaffi could/should be "toppled?" The regime that replaced him made its reputation slaughtering sub-Saharan Africans as soon as it came to power. Is this tacit admission that the USofA should STILL be intervening in the affairs of nations which have done us no harm, and even AFBP ("America's First Black President") subscribes to this gloating fantasy?

Wall Street reform? That's risible. The Dodd-Franks Act. It's a fuuking JOKE.

Why is it deemed an "accomplishment" to have "unified the world against Iran." I mean, apart from the fact that it's just not true. If anything, it's unified the non-western world behind Iran's resistance to US aggression. BOTH Russia and China have supported Iran and will continue to do so. Shamwow does little more than continue the bullying posture that won the Chimperator such "honor" aborad.

Why is DECREASING regulation a good thing? Especially when the regulations he decreased included those protectiung clean air?

No tax dollars may have been spent on the BP clean-up in the Gulf, but no BP or Halliburton, nor any OTHER of the culprits have even been fingerprinted, much less prosecuted for their criminal, murderous malfeasance.
Shall I continue? Jeezus FUCK!

And the drooling dullards just LAP IT THE FUCK UP!

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