Saturday, April 21, 2012

 Yesterday, 4/20, was my birthday, the 50th anniversary of my 16th birthday when, with the accomplishment of the drivers' license, I started my life-long relationship with cars and the women the cars permitted me to meet and date. 
That summer, I got my first "paycheck/tax-paying" job as a an apprentice set builder and stage hand at the Santa Fe Opera, which looked like this (below) in those days.
My Facebook wall was gratifyingly busy with greetings and good wishes. It was "happifying" to read so many, and so apparently fond. That was the highlight of the day--along with breakfast at the Flying Star: embiggening! Thanks, Mark!

To review: Birthday: 4/20, @ 4:20 (am; Family surname that translates to the local equivalent of 'cannabis." On top of that, I was conceived within two weeks and 120 miles--more or less--of the first atomic bomb experiment in the desert at Trinity site, while Daddy was home on leave in Santa Fe. The "Atomic Zygote" at 66! Kismet, hippies. How could it have been otherwise? Thanks for helping with the fun this past year!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Levon Left Today.

This is a recording from the LAST concert as "Ronnie & The Hawks."
Levon Helm felt to me to be a true, authentic, man of the people, and the soul of a gentleman.
The third member of that iconic ensemble, The Band, to prematurely "hang up their rock'n'roll shoes."
The Band is/was/will be, all in all, my absolute FAVORITE rock'n'roll ensemble ever. Their combination of influences, references, and the plasticity with which they wer able to wrap a plethora of styles around fascinating, evocative lyrics is mesmerizing, and their sublties are disguised behind bombastically entertaining arrangements. The only real discussion is for second, third, etc...
This is a good piece about their early days when it was Dylan and "the band."
If there's a Rock'n'Roll heaven, you know they've got a hell of a Band...

Levon Left Us Today.

Eadweard Muybridge: "Weardly" beautiful, nest paw?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lipstick on a Pig?

The Top Ten?
Some of it's bullshit, some not. But it's a pretty fucking low bar for almost 4 years in power....
But whatever of it is actually true, it happened at the PRICE of your civil liberties--NDAA, and the executive order permitting him to kill Americans without judicial warrant, for example.
It happened over the bodies of thousands of drone-slaughtered civilians in Centaral Asia.
It happened over the bones of clean-air regulations which were killed to satisfy industry pressure.
It happened in the gun-smoke of military escalations in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Libya.
It happened over the corpses of the large marine life in the Gulf of Mexico which are still perishing from the petroleum and corexit dissolved in the water.
It happened while the O'bots were supporting strip-searches.
It happened while he was amping UP the calls for conflict with Iran.
And it neglects other facts:
Like Wall Street "reform" is a joke (that got Chris Dodd a really spiffy job);
Like the stimulus was too small to achieve much.
Like the auto industry "turn-around" was accomplished by fucking UNION workers.
The fuel efficiency standards don't go into effect until 2020.
The Student Loan "reform" benefits for-profit "colleges" more than students.
If he's "begun" closing the dirties powerplants (evidence?), he's also authorized the first new nukes in a generation.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Net Loser?

O'bots, cover yer eyes, cuz you ainta gonna like this:

In 2010, Dims lost 675 State legislative seats to corn-holers, tea-baggers, and other GOPhascisti, which tripped the balance of power in 20 or more states.

Since just about ALL the "successful" GOPhux elected in 2010--all 675 of 'em--basically ran AGAINST "America's First Black President," it is at least logically consistent, and not false to fact, to argue that, to the extent that local Dims would be MORE enlightened--or less troglodytic--than the GOPhascisti who replaced them, instead of being a beacon for progressives and progressivity, Obama-qua-President actually has been a net liability to the cause of liberalism, tolerance, and justice.

Just sayin...Funny thing, innit?

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mailing It In: "Romney for President, I guess."

Jon Stewart "unzips" the glad flurries of resignation among GOPhux for a Romney candidacy.

They didn't want it in 2008. Palin told you that, loud and clear.
It's the same message this year, only from the TOP of the ticket, in case you're not so quick on the uptake.
That's right: The Big Money wants the Black man in the White House. He's VERY good for them, here and now, and for another four years--after which I doubt that there will ever again be another "Democrat" elected President...

OH! SNAP! And don't miss Al Madrigal's take-down of the Tucson School Board's most fucking OBNOXIOUS member, last name (wait-for-it) "Hicks." No, really

Monday, April 2, 2012

Images of Reason (and Its Opposites) Rally

Jesus showed up, riding a dinosaur.

The rain didn't seem to dampen anyone's spirits. Click HERE for "The 36 Best Signs" from the rally.

On the next-best day of your life, you won't be THIS COOL!

Advice for the Aspiring Change Agent

When I was teaching teachers, and they were cautious about introducing "subversive" ideas to their students, I would advise them just to do it, but:

You must KNOW what you are doing!

Because it is ALWAYS easier to beg forgiveness than it is to get permission!