Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dead Cert

The SCROTUS has announced it will hear arguments in a contentious, affirmative action case, probably sometime during the last stages of the Fall Campaign. It's a case from Texas, in which a white girl claimed she was denied a place in the U T freshman class her year because it went to a black person who was "less qualified."

This is a common complaint in the community of affronted, embittered, frustrated would-be white scholars who are denied their rightful places in the freshman classes of America's elite universities.

The decision can be safely predicted, as of today, from the names of the Justices who voted to hear the case. The Court votes on the cases to which it grands "certiorari," that is, which cases it will consider. It needs the assent of four Justices to bring a case before the Court. SO:

Look, if you can find it, and it should be public record, for the names of the Justices who signed the "writ." If, as I am morally certain, they are "Roberts, Scalia, Alito, and Thomas," then I think it is entirely likely that Affirmative Action will be dealt yet another blow. Especially since, because of her involvement in the case as Solicitor General, the KAGAN will likely recuse herself. Kennedy will be the swing, again. Kennedy has a long history of antipathy toward it.

Decision: 5-3, reversing the lower court rejection of the litigant's claims.

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