Friday, March 31, 2017

Can Flynn Revelations Topple ElDouche?

Some are speculating that Doodah Flynn will sell-out ElDouche to escape prosecution, and that this will bring down the regime. Personally, I don't believe it. Wouldn't be "prudent."
As Pal Kevin Hayden noted today:
""Hearing that a retired US military general with conspiratorial delusions and poor ethical instincts is offering to testify in exchange for immunity sounds like Golllum bargaining for his precious with Bilbo.
"Deliver Donald Trump? Color me skeptical.
"Instead he'll testify that the Rothschilds control everything, that fluoridated water causes communism, that chemtrails are caused by vaccinations and Jesus is returning for Easter and he FUCKING HATES EGGS!""
--But even if the Congress should find the stones and have the temerity to try to remove elDouche, he's got STILL got over 62 MILLION "hole cards": elDouche has more that 62 MILLION-plus, ignorant, aggrieved, angry, well-ARMED "get-outta-jail-free" cards--voters--who are just waiting for an excuse to open fire and get rid of "US." When Prez LowBarry was elected in 08, there were an estimated 200 million guns in the hands of private citizens. That number swelled to 325 million since. Who do ya think bought the majority of those 125 million guns? Not blue voters, I'm bettin'.
Plus, the number of militia groups has swelled from 29 in 2008 to over 1400 today, and is still growing.
Also, "red states" are repealing all forms of gun laws. NH just elected its first republican gov in 10 years. What's the first bill he signed into law? A total repeal of all gun licensing, including concealed carry. Anyone from any state can carry now. They're the 12th state to do it and 8 more red states have similar legislation pending.
And don't count on the US military to intervene. Ya gotta recall that many in the military won't turn their guns on righturd civilians (though libruls and POC are another matter). The "troops" voted overwhelmingly for Trump, 71%. Military convoys have even been seen flying Trump flags on their trucks.

There's almost 100 million gun owners in this country, with a 4 million man active military. They had a hard time with 100,000 man insurgency in Iraq, which is less than ONE-HUNDREDTH the size of the USofA.
I fear, my friendz, that--barring a "stroke" of good fortune--we're stuck with this motherfukkker, elDouche.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The NEW "Pledge": RESIST

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I pledge resistance to the Trump, to the GOPhukkks who abet him, and to the destruction on which they planned: One Boardroom, under "God," with tyranny and submission for all.

Better than the Available Alternatives

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In the aftermath of all the ACA drama last week--carefully staged to create maximum distraction, we prolly need to recall: Yes, ACA's imperfect.
But it's MORE perfect than that which it replaced--which was NOTHING!
Yes, it was a sop to the Ins Cos. Of course it was. This is Murka.
Health ins. profits fund about half of ALL corpoRat speculative investments and ventures.
That's GOVT-sized money. PrezLowbarry was vetted by the Owners; he was reliable. He produced. Did anyone really ever expect otherwise?
But ACA also covered people who weren't covered, and could have gone much further, done more than that if the obstructionists like Sen Yertle hadn't interfered. I suppose it injured some. I suspect it helped more.
You gotta realize:
The USofA, will not engage universal, single-payer, health-care for its populace for as long the WHITE consciously racial/racist majority sentiment prevails and is pandered to successfully by the GOPhux.
Race is at the base here, as it is of every cultural aporia in this country since the beginning.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Skin and Bones

Woody'z mentioned that I have lost a bunch of weight (between 40-50 lb, depending on when you start counting).
Down from snug 40" waist pants this time last year, to comfy 36s today.
Folx have asked me how I did it.
Here's my recipe; YMMV:
For a major thing, I abjured all/any additional 'sugar' on anything. If it had/has sugar in it, there's nothing I can do; but if not, I don't add any. Sugar, honey, none of it. That took off the first 20 or so lb.
Then I ceased consuming alcohol, too (on Thanksgiving), since it turns directly into sugar..
That accounted for the last 20 or so.
FIRST, though, I consciously subdued my appetite.
When I quit smoking, in '94--via hypnotherapy, after 40 years--I learned a valuable trick: The therapist told me, anytime I felt the desire for a cigaret, I should rub a coin in my pocket between thumb and forefinger. and say, to myself: "I don't want, and surely don't NEED that fucking thing!" a couple of times and the desire passed.
I adapted the same strategy (sans hypnosis) to appetite.
It seems to have worked, because since my birthdaqy last year, I've dropped from about 235 lbs to around 190 lbs, and feel sooo much better.
N.B: The last time I lost significant weight I was nursing my parents towards their final rest, and I attributed it to depression. I think, in this case, at least the last 20 lb went via the same stimulus: depression, but now at the demise of my country.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Train-Spotting, Clevetown, Circa 1960

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I usta LOVE "the Rapid." It spelled freedom to a 14-year-old who'd rather have been almost ANYWHERE else.
We lived on the West Side, but (against my strongest wishes) my folks sent me to St. Ignatius, which was Downtown, close to the industrial center of the City. This required me to have a bus pass for my daily commutes.
We lived in Lakewood, near The Valley, so the trip was longish, and demanded standing around in Clevetown weather in the dark of winter, along with myriad "dads" from the vicinity/neighborhood heading "Downtown" to work. I would be out there around 7 am, rain, snow, sleet, freezing pee, regardless, waiting for the bus. The smell of cigaret smoke was always densest the more miserable the weather.
The bus pass was liberation and "the Rapid" my underground railroad.
Nobody was watching me. Nobody demanded I exit the train at the St. Ignatius stop (w. 25th?)
Hell, no one demanded I exit the bus when it got to the w.117th street station stop, but I usually did. Carrying my brown bag-lunch and my unused school-books and standard, suburban, St. Ignatz mufti, I joined the daily, reluctant stream to the platforms. 
But I usually also saw to it to miss the first train, on which all my neighbors departed. I'd dally (and smoke a furtive cigaret, mebbe buy a pack from the machine), and take the next train.
And then, very often, I would somehow forget to EXIT the train at St. Ignatz, down in the Flats, and continue downtown.
Where I'd switch trains out to the EAST side--after a cigaret...
Out there were the destinations of myriad Clevetown-area school field trips. Hundreds of kids daily cycling through Severance Hall, and the Museums, the University.

I'd ride the Shaker Heights line out to University,  and hang around, surreptitiously smoking my Camels (which my dad smoked) until a really large group of kids from other schools would be shepherded into the venue, wherever; and once I was in I was in all day.
And on the way  back home, I'd stop under the Terminal Tower for one of those incredible chocolate shake/malts from the fountain at Higbees.
I flunked out of St. Ignatz in the Flats in GLORIOUS fashion that spring. 1960? Sounds right. I went to Lakewood High for a year, and then we moved (back) to Santa Fe.
The weather aside, Clevetown in the decade of the 50s was idyllic for a young, privileged white boy.