Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Counting Coups

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Partial Summary of the Status of the Recent Coup d'Etat:
This coup has been going on, mainly behind the scenes until the assassinations in the 60s, since shortly before WW II, with Prescott Bush and the Business Coup boys leading the way to unseat FDR.
And this whole last 'election' has been mainly about "White Revanchism."  It's the single most studiously ignored feature not only of this campaign, but of the past eight years, too.. "Revanchism (from French: revanche, "revenge") is the political manifestation of the will to reverse losses incurred by a political entity, often following a war or social movement." (Such as civil rights? Ya think?)
All those other "economic" and "social" issues are/were convenient camouflage to disguise the central point of the Trump "victory": Preserving or recovering as much "white" skin-privilege as possible in the teeth of the forthcoming demographic meltdown.

The "Coup": A Short History
The Gradual/Incremental, GOPhux, Anti-"democratic," "Slow" Coup d'Etat was birthed in the 30s by Prescott Bush and his cronies in the so-called "Business Coup," along with a score or so of "nativist' movements like Father Coughlin, and others who tried to bring down FDR and reverse the "New Deal."
WW II forced 'em underground, but they re-emerged in the late 40s and early 50s after passage of the National Security Act of 1947, as the Birchers/America'sFuture/McCarthyites.
The first visible casualties of the coup were JFK, MLK, RFK and MalcomX, in the 60s. These assassinations affected citizen morale, and illustrated what they were capable of.
There was a slight hiccup when Nixon's toadies and gunsels got caught trying to fix the '72 election. But the Powell Memo, the schematic for the Conservaturd Counter-Reformation, was already in place. It only awaited the Raygoons, et seq, since 1980 to see it to fruition.
The Clenis "impeachment" was part of the program, too, to undermine the authority of the Presidency, which the GOPhux continued to do all through the Lowbar years, too.
And now they're in total command, "American" democracy is deader'n shit; it will require bloodshed to remove them, and not even THAT will restore the country to what its previous state.

You must remember:
BOTH Trump and the whole Bannon wing of the WhiteHouse WANT to destroy "America-qua-State." That's what they were 'elected' to do. Pretty much the whole of the GOPhux party establishment is on board.
Their aim is nothing less than the destruction of the State...of The United States, it's arcane and antique Constitution and its public institutions.
And replacing it with the form envisioned by many of the Founders: Aristocratic, autocratic plutocracy: The country should be ruled by its owners.
Which is what's happening now.
And it will have been irreversibly transformed inside the two years until the next possible elections... RIP, USA!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Blank Checks Out of Balance?

A Friend, obviously upset, wrote:
This happened:
The ballyhooed "US System of Checks & Balances" has always been a hollow shell. It was never any stronger than the people upholding it. It has ALWAYS been possible to get around them. It has just needed a group/Party willing to destroy the 'democratic republic" for partisan purpose to have sufficiently few scruples to bring it off.
Enter: The GOPhux.
The visible  erosion began with Raygoon's infamous Nine Deadly Words: "I'm from the Govt and I'm here to help."
The actual coup began in the '30s, against FDR, with Prescott Bush and the Business coup buddies.
It went underground when WW II began, but re-emerged as/with the Birchers, Allen Dulles, and the Hunt Brothers, in the '50s. 

The 60s saw the first overt acts, with the multiple assassinations. JFK, MLK, RFK, Malcom...
Nixon's troubles interfered with plans inna '70s, but the Powell Memo (1971) was preserved and revivified by the Raygoons, and it STILL governs most GOPhux political strategy.
It's been a long, now nearly successful process, and most of those who've tried to report on it are pilloried and villified and told we're exaggerating.