Thursday, February 9, 2012

They "Hate" Barry, But They HATE "We, the People" More

That's the EXCUSE they tell ya. But, really? Destroying the middle class to unseat one man? Really? C'mon. Be serious

It's a cover. Get it? A camouflage, a blind, a decoy.

The GOPhux/Rightard/Wackloon attacks on brave Sir Barry (financed entirely by the "Oners" like the Kochs) are the distraction, the covering tactics, while the Oners are actually strategically pursuing their long-term ends of finally and utterly undermining and destroying the conditions of possibility for the survival of anything remotely resembling "democratic self-government." That is the plain, unvarnished truth of the matter. The evidence is everywhere.

"They" GET AWAY with this treachery, this treason, this out-right attack on the very possibility of 'people power,' by aiming their barbs at Sir Barry, the "First Black American President." They vilify him, they malign him, they "denigrate" him. But they need him there.

He--"Black/Kenyan/Muslim/Socialist/anti-Caatholic," etc, almost LITERALLY the "Boogie-man"--provides the irresistible pretext whereby the "Oners" may so plainly and openly incite the drooling dullards against the "BKMSaC" PRESIDENT, that the continuing effects, the entirely predictable eventualities of their fervor are hidden from the very people who generate the most heat, now; the loudest woe, later.

(On Facebook where an earlier version of this rant first appeared, one "MadamKerri Lewis" added: Oners, pronounced Owners, and as in Onerous. They are heavy, they're the oners.) Yes. I do SO like smart people; also in honor of their status at the pinnacle of the power ladder, atop the "1%." I'm trying to get to go "viral" as a meme.)

And on a related topic:

A note to the Hons. John Kasich, Scott Walker, Mitch Daniels, Rick Scott, Chris Christie, y nuestra chingada-puta-Tejana concha, Susana (and all the rest of you fucking union-busting asswholes):

People--OUR (maybe even YOUR) progenitors, our ancestors--gave their lives and limbs, their health and their futures to WIN the labor rights which YOU FUUKING RIGHTARDS are now placidly eviscerating.

It only seems fair to me that a few of THEM--the Oners--ought to pay the same price to rescind those rights that the workers of that earlier age paid to win them!

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