Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Bradley Manning Death Watch

Woody reckons the BIGGEST (most significant) difference between Manning and Ellsberg is that Manning is in uniform, and Ellsworth was a civilian. If Ellsworth had been in uniform, he'd STILL be in jail (or dead).

Manning is toast. He's history, a dead man walking.

The CiC has already decided and declared he "broke the law." The drooling drones of the DoD won't buck the boss on this, I gay-ron-TEE you, chers. He'll get life...

Yes, it will be a violation of basic standards of justice, when a murderous NCO can supervise the execution of TWENTY-SEVEN civilians, women and children included, and get a deduction in rank and a fine, while a man who simply REVEALED another grotesque, pre-meditated murder is condemned to prison.

Thank yer "hopery-changery" fella, who has ALREADY determined the guilt of the accused.

This is the same "honorable" mother-fucker who pledged transparency and then who ordered the extra-judicial murder of American citizens abroad.

Sir Barry (tracitly) declares: "We don't need no STEENKEEN TRIALS!"

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