Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a Fucking Heist: Goldman-Sachs vs. The OWS Community Credit Union

I like a man who can bring off a fedora!
Greg Palast rocks!

Why I And So Many More Support "Occupy Wall Street!"

Singing To The Choir: Onward, OWS!

My blog-pal, Tricia (aka P.e.Nolan) hung this on her Menopausal Stoners blog recently, aslong with a nce analysis of the problems of raising "special interests" among the larger movement. Go look!

OWS: Embarrassing the US Chamber of Commerce!

It is ALWAYS as salutary outcome when one can cause thje slightest discomfiture among the anointed. Thanks to Kevin Zeese!
This morning around forty of the occupiers from Occupy DC / Freedom Plaza Washington DC marched to the US Chamber of Commerce to call out Chamber CEO Tom Donohue for his destructive policies for the 99%.

The US Chamber was one of the driving forces for the Supreme Court bestowing full personage on corporations and further destroying what little representative democracy we had left in this country.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Positive Branding!

In case you haven’t seen it yet, below is a commercial that was released last weekend from the OWS movement. It’s not a bunch of dirty hippies spouting peace and love, which if you ask me…isn’t a bad thing either.

Business Insider has some background:
Last week, we wrote about Occupy Wall Street’s commercial, which features a montage of protesters explaining what they would like to get out of the movement. Since then, we’ve been contacted by the commercial ‘s director, David Sauvage. He told us that the commercial was on track to air nationally, thanks to the efforts of a San Francisco-based digital advertising start-up called LoudSauce. [...]
Occupy Wall Street started its LoudSauce campaign last week with little fanfare and a goal set for $5,000. Thanks to mostly word of mouth (through Twitter and Facebook), the goal was met by Friday. They’ll be wrapping up the campaign at the end of this week, and the commercial should be on TV in the next few weeks (they said most likely on ESPN).
This may well be the first time a protest movement will air a positive branding ad.

Private Prisons Are A Democratic Travesty

Woody repeats (for the nth time):
No nation or "People" can pretend to true, humane civilization which permits--indeed, even encourages and promotes--private profit to be extracted from the immiseration--the imprisonment, illness, injury, disability or death--of its citizens.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Civic Pride!

The City of Philadelphia rejected the application of the NAACP to post this sign near the entry port of the city's airport. Imagine that?


"No nation, or People, may be regarded as humane, or as even nominally civilized, which would permit--much less encourage and even stimulate--the extraction of private profit from the immiseration--imprisonment, illness, injury, disability, or death--of its citizens." -- Woody N. Konopak (2008)

Testifying! Spread the Word!

This is EXACTLY right, as an appeal to the disappearing middle class.
Of course, it's ALWAYS been true for the poor.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ry Cooder ~~ A "Social Justice" Medley

Reboot, and Restore!

"99% Of The Population Has Lost Political Representation"

Shrinks the big banks, fire the Goldmann-Sachs alumns, and bring up the Banksters up on RICO or fraud charges. The FBI predicted SEVEN YEARS AGO that there was an epidemic of mortgage fraud.

"Just-Us"For All...

Kill a couple of people, they throw ya in jail.
Kill a THOUSAND people, and they throw ya a parade...

These Are GREAT Ideas, But...

They will become law about the time that a mariachi band of costumed armadillos sashays out my ass playing narco-corridos to the Mexican cartels.

That is to say, without explicit LEADERSHIP, ENCOURAGEMENT, and DIRECTION from some iconic, high-level, PROGRESSIVE political figure, these proposals have exactly ZERO fucking chance to be enacted into law over what would be the MOST STRENUOUS objections of the richest motherfuckers in the land.

And something Buffett and his pals leave out, for some reason: The Financial Speculation Tax--aka the "Robin Hood Tax."


"Ask Alice. But I Don't Think She'll Know!"

Probably For The Same Reason We USers Don't Attack Iran

Why do the cops roust the peaceful, unarmed kids at OWS, but leave the murderosu crackkkers with their assault rifles alone?

Like the wisdom in the rest of the world: If you DON'T want the USofA to attack you on some specious, trumped-up charge, have nukes.