Thursday, February 23, 2012

AFBP: Always LESS Than Meets the Eye

With Brave Sir Barry, there is ALWAYS far LESS than meets the eye.

Here's a recent, (increasingly) desperate attempt by the O'bots to paint more, glossier hagiographic lipstick on the CorpoRat (St.) Pig.

Now, let's compare and contrast with an account that is NOT desperately trying to create/perpetuate the illusion of Hopery/Changery.

Notice anything?

He's getting nearly a half-million fucking dollars a year. So you'd expect him to have done SOMETHING in the first 1000 days; You figure he'd have done SOMETHING in three fucking years.

How about STRENGTHENING the Patriot Act? Happy 'bout that?

How about killing american citizens without a warrant? You okay, cully?

And don't forget to add "fucking the Unions."

Oh, yeah, and scapegoating teachers for "school failure." That's great, too, innit?

Them O'bots sher set the bar low for their sainted. mocha Messiah.

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