Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beware: Tainted Products (Containing GMOs)

I'm PRETTY sure this list is inaccurate, or at least incorrectly labeled.
Monsanto doesn't "own" either Coke of Pepsi, afaik (though there is NO reason to consume ANY of their empty, worthless, shit products. and you'd be much healthier if you didn't).
Also, ConAgra is a COMPETING Big Ag corpoRat. It may share some board embers wit Monsanto, but they maintain at least the semblence of difference. Aunt Jemima is a brand owned by Quaker Oats which also is NOT "owned" by Monsanto, though Quaker buys grains and other stuff from Monsanto...
Still, this looks like a pretty complete list of products in which you might find Monsanto-engineered GM foods.
So while it's true that there is probably Monsanto product in these brands, it is inaccurate to claim Monsanto "OWNS" them...

I don't use ANY of this shit, and you shouldn't, either.

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