Sunday, February 26, 2012

Food for Thought

(Photo: Venus, Luna & Neptune in Ecliptic, by Mike Lord)
The moon and a couple of planets (Jupiter & Venus) are performing the most exquisitely balletic, celestial pirouette in the heavens above us here tonight.

The sky taught us to think.
Animals taught us to observe and to reason.
That, at least, is the theory of Paul Shepard, the brilliant, eclectic, naturalist/biologist and philosopher who more or less invented the 'department' of human ecology, in the late 60s...

Our blood-stream is our own private ocean, in miniature, replicating and perfecting within ourselves all the functions which the sea provided when we were less distinctly us, the far simpler creatures adrift in the warm, murky, rich waters of our ancestral, geological baptismal font. It is THOSE seas which are source of the roaring waves we hear amplified when we tuck a shell against our ears. Our blood is OF the sea, it is our mighty current, our transport, our food supply, our cleanser.

And life's a beach!

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