Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Camel Rock

This formation is called, for obvious reasons, "Camel Rock." 
     It is a landmark on the hiway (285) north out of Santa Fe, about 10 miles from town, on the Tesuque Pueblo Reservation, and conveniently situated JUST across the highway from the Pueblo's eponymous Casino. 
     Mi amiga, Maria, attributes the image to Toby Roybal. (I'm guessing the image was recorded through a polarized filter; it seems "enhanced." But that's just me.) It sure is striking. 
     (An informant has subsequently informed me that the image, with its almost flat, sharp, hard edges and vivid colors probably is an example of "High Dynamic-Range Imaging." )
     Makes sense to me.

     If one was a youth growing up in the Pojoaque Valley, north of Santa Fe, as I did, it was a rite of pre-driver's license passage to ride one's bicycle to Camel Rock. My sister, who had a horse, rode there frequently, a distance of about six or seven miles as the crow flew. 
     It was half again that on the road, against a steepish grade, and on a really dangerous strip of road, with semis flying by a few inches from the shoulder, which was littered with sherds of broken glass from the beer bottles the local borrachos delighted in pitching haphazardly from their vehicles on their erratic travels.

Camel Rock_Toby Roybal