Thursday, June 21, 2012

No More Civics. Too Subversive!

One morning in 1970, after a night of orgiastic excess with Kissinger, involving mutual masturbation, Barbie-dolls, and sloe-gin fizzes, Richard Nixon peered bleerily out into the Washington, DC, dawn and beheld several hundred thousand, pissed-off, middle-class, WHITE kids protesting his wars and other policies.

Sobbing, he fell into Kissinger's embrace; slurring his words, The President of the United States drunkenly proclaimed and swore that NO future president would EVER have to face that situation again.

And he and the 'education' bureaucracy began to disassemble the public schools that very day. The first thing to go: Civics.

NOBODY who attended public school after 1975 got any decent grounding in civics. Cuz if people understand the institutions, they can USE 'em. Us hippies showed 'em that (sorry 'bout dat...); we'd learned the system, in school, and worked it. We lost, ultimately, but we put the fear of the WEED in 'em.
No generation since has posed anything LIKE that kind of a threat to embedded power.