Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"The Black Man In the White House Sings the Blues"

Woody'd rather go blind than watch the skeevy, gutless, sold-out tool Sir Barry cave in to the GOPhux again...

Barry's such a handsome, talented fellow, it is just too fucking bad he's such a fucking tool and so weak a president...

BTW: I vote. Always. School board, munis, everything. You cannot STOP me from casting my ballot, as much like a brick as I can manage.

I will NOT vote for either major party candidate for "president," however; though I will vote. Last time, it was for Cynthia McKinney. This time, I may write-in "Budreaux, the Dog."

It's the act that matters, not the intended beneficiary. Contrary to the mythology, your vote doesn't actually "count." I am encouraging EVERYONE to vote AWAY from the "duopoly."

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