Friday, February 3, 2012

Unrest In Indianapolis Over RTW Legislation Signing

Thousands of union members took to the Super Bowl Village and downtown Indianapolis to protest the state senate’s passage of the controversial right to work bill Wednesday.

Video from Chopper 8 showed the massive crowd pouring out of the statehouse as they took their protest outside. The group rallied on the statehouse steps before leaving for a march through the Super Bowl Village.

At the statehouse, union members, chanting and singing, demanded the names of the Senators who voted for the bill saying the will become targets in the November elections.

Senator Vi Simpson spoke on the Statehouse steps saying “We lost this battle, but the next battle is November of 2012.”

Other Democrats stepped outside to encourage the protesters to continue their fight against the bill.

The crowd then made its way to Georgia Street and marched, chanting, through the Super Bowl Village.

Y/Our forefathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, died in their THOUSANDS to win the gains the Rightard FUCKTWITZ like Daniels, Kasich, Walker, Christie, Scott, and others are reversing.
It seems only fair to me that a few of THEM ought to pay the same price to repeal those gains, won with the blood of protest and dissent, as the original workers who died to win them.
The Republican Governor Mitch Daniels claims that he will sign the state right to work law as soon as it comes to him. A vote in the Indiana Senate could happen on Wednesday. On Monday a Senate committee voted 6 to 1 to approve the bill and send it to the Senate.
Although such legislation is always termed "right to work" legislation it really has nothing to do with a right to work. A better term would be a "free rider"bill since it allows employees to work without paying any union dues. The costs faced by a union in negotiating a contract and defending workers cannot be recouped by forcing employees covered by a contract to pay dues.
Democrats presented amendments but Republicans refused to let them even be debated. When the bill passes into law Indiana will become the 23rd state to have right to work legislation.
Democrats say that the governor wants the legislation passed before a Super Bowl game next weekend. At protests on Monday some protesters had chanted: "Super Bowl, Super Rally" However many labor leaders fear that a protest at the Super Bowl festivities would be counter productive. For more see this article.

The skeevy fux in the NFLPA are NOT going to boycott the Super Bowl in protest of that good Aryan, Mitch Daniels, signing, and their KKKlannis legislarture passing "Right-to-Work" legislation in the state, making the Hoosiers the TWENTY-THIRD state to capitulate to the CorpoRat agenda and willfully roll back the hard-won gains of Labor over the last 150 years.

Rob Parsons, a steelworker from Merrillville, Ind., screams during a union workers protest on the steps of the Statehouse after the Senate voted to pass the right-to-work bill in Indianapolis. (AP)
IOf all you can do is to BOYCOTT the TELEVISED game, and the advertizers who profit from it, then DO IT.


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