Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Net Loser?

O'bots, cover yer eyes, cuz you ainta gonna like this:

In 2010, Dims lost 675 State legislative seats to corn-holers, tea-baggers, and other GOPhascisti, which tripped the balance of power in 20 or more states.

Since just about ALL the "successful" GOPhux elected in 2010--all 675 of 'em--basically ran AGAINST "America's First Black President," it is at least logically consistent, and not false to fact, to argue that, to the extent that local Dims would be MORE enlightened--or less troglodytic--than the GOPhascisti who replaced them, instead of being a beacon for progressives and progressivity, Obama-qua-President actually has been a net liability to the cause of liberalism, tolerance, and justice.

Just sayin...Funny thing, innit?

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