Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mailing It In: "Romney for President, I guess."

Jon Stewart "unzips" the glad flurries of resignation among GOPhux for a Romney candidacy.

They didn't want it in 2008. Palin told you that, loud and clear.
It's the same message this year, only from the TOP of the ticket, in case you're not so quick on the uptake.
That's right: The Big Money wants the Black man in the White House. He's VERY good for them, here and now, and for another four years--after which I doubt that there will ever again be another "Democrat" elected President...

OH! SNAP! And don't miss Al Madrigal's take-down of the Tucson School Board's most fucking OBNOXIOUS member, last name (wait-for-it) "Hicks." No, really

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