Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lipstick on a Pig?

The Top Ten?
Some of it's bullshit, some not. But it's a pretty fucking low bar for almost 4 years in power....
But whatever of it is actually true, it happened at the PRICE of your civil liberties--NDAA, and the executive order permitting him to kill Americans without judicial warrant, for example.
It happened over the bodies of thousands of drone-slaughtered civilians in Centaral Asia.
It happened over the bones of clean-air regulations which were killed to satisfy industry pressure.
It happened in the gun-smoke of military escalations in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, and Libya.
It happened over the corpses of the large marine life in the Gulf of Mexico which are still perishing from the petroleum and corexit dissolved in the water.
It happened while the O'bots were supporting strip-searches.
It happened while he was amping UP the calls for conflict with Iran.
And it neglects other facts:
Like Wall Street "reform" is a joke (that got Chris Dodd a really spiffy job);
Like the stimulus was too small to achieve much.
Like the auto industry "turn-around" was accomplished by fucking UNION workers.
The fuel efficiency standards don't go into effect until 2020.
The Student Loan "reform" benefits for-profit "colleges" more than students.
If he's "begun" closing the dirties powerplants (evidence?), he's also authorized the first new nukes in a generation.

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