Saturday, April 21, 2012

 Yesterday, 4/20, was my birthday, the 50th anniversary of my 16th birthday when, with the accomplishment of the drivers' license, I started my life-long relationship with cars and the women the cars permitted me to meet and date. 
That summer, I got my first "paycheck/tax-paying" job as a an apprentice set builder and stage hand at the Santa Fe Opera, which looked like this (below) in those days.
My Facebook wall was gratifyingly busy with greetings and good wishes. It was "happifying" to read so many, and so apparently fond. That was the highlight of the day--along with breakfast at the Flying Star: embiggening! Thanks, Mark!

To review: Birthday: 4/20, @ 4:20 (am; Family surname that translates to the local equivalent of 'cannabis." On top of that, I was conceived within two weeks and 120 miles--more or less--of the first atomic bomb experiment in the desert at Trinity site, while Daddy was home on leave in Santa Fe. The "Atomic Zygote" at 66! Kismet, hippies. How could it have been otherwise? Thanks for helping with the fun this past year!

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