Monday, February 6, 2017


How the FUCK could this Trump-shit have happened?
The economic/social argument continues, about whether it was simple, mean, asswhole, reactionary racism/misogyny/jingoism that cost HRC the election, or it was the agonized outcry of (mainly) white, rural working poor complazining about their disaffection which swung the the election; in the course of which it was suggested that my being an "elite" rendered some of my opinions less than reliable on matters of work and the working class...
We all agree the rural/fly-over, white/poor/working class doesn't vote its best interests. It's my opinion that they don't "NOT UNDERSTAND" their own best interests.
Rather, they have disavowed them...consciously, and intentionally...from motives rooted in racial prejudice, intolerance and ignorance.
A correspondent wrote:
"Trumpists are voting in their own best interests as they understand them. They want jobs, low taxes, less government interference, respect for their beliefs and a great, white America. These are their interests." I replied:
Or: They WANT that great, white America; all that other shit is lagniappe. The white/lower class brought on its own irrelevance when it/they declined to make common cause with the REST of the lower/working class.
As I am not part of the white working class (although I have worked and am white) I am not qualified to read their minds and judge which are their true wants.
I haven't always been a member of the arruguula-munching, chardonnay-sniffing, sandal-and-sock-wearing, Lexus-driving, professorial class/academic elite.
I have spent a fair amount of my working life FAR from the academy's ivy-bedecked halls, down where you NEED to shower before going home, with the Trumpenproles. I've done real, menial, manual, shitty, boring, repetitive, unrewarding work among those who would indubitably have been Trompistas, if they lived.
Believe me:
It ain't that pretty at all.
So, don't let's over-complicate this: 

They SAY it's economic, but their real bitch is racial.
Trumpisto loyalists across the board would happily endure a severe reduction in living standards if they were assured that the people whom they detest as their "racial inferiors" were starving.
Save their skin perqs and preserve racial preferences, and they'll be just fine.

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