Sunday, February 12, 2017

Immediate Nostalgia?

Just outta curiosity, I wish someone would tell me what exactly it was that PrezLowbar was actually 'leading' that has gained him such infamy among some libs/pwogs?
The Empire?
I mean, yeah, sure, him and the CIA ran the empire.
C'mon, SOMEBODY had to do it. They don't run themselves. It wasn't something that anyone in that position could have avoided. USer/imperial hands overseas are ALWAYS blood-drenched.
And it hardly touched us here at home--quite by design.
At home, he was stymied by the GOPhux majorities/intransigence in every matter of domestic significance to which he attached his name, except the ACA and the domestic auto bail-out.
McConnell couldn't deliver on the promise to "Make him a one-term president?"
Not quite, but they did the next best thing: Made him almost irrelevant.
Mainly, after 2010, he was a pawn of the aristos, bosses and the owners, a dupe of the GOPhux Congress, and a bane on ordinary folks (for his perpetual concessions on unnecessarily severe austerity programs, e.g.) for at least the last six years.
My PET Peeve:
The area in which I was/am most intimately concerned is "Public Schools," and there he was a fuukkkin DISASTER. Betsy DeVos will have to work her slag/satchel-ass off, unceasingly, to be more destructive to Public Education than Lowbarry's choice, Chicago corpoRat lawyer Arne Duncan was. "Race to the Top" was just Boooshevik "NCLB"/test/test/testing with more obvious bribes to the compliant. The Boosheviks/Maggie ("BIG Hands") Spelling were terrible, too, but one would have thought even a NOMINAL "Democrat" (such as Lowbarry) would have been more careful about the building blocks of democratic civilization, and he emphatically was NOT.
But 'education' wasn't the only failing or weakness. I've seen scores of homages tendered to the now-retired Ex-Chief, including some several ready to proclaim Lowbarry a "Great President."
Also NOT!
He deported himself with dignity and restraint. His regime was signally free of obvious corruption. He was "popular," by and large. But to relatively little, positive effect. He DID accomplish some things in the first two years, but the record thereafter is bleak. Under the circumstances, he may have been as good as he COULD have been. My main reservations are in matters where he could have done MUCH more than he ever endeavored.
Since Jan. 20, we have had occasion to look back on Prez Lowbarry with affection and poignant nostalgia. He'll be known to history as the "Most Liberal" USer president of the 21st Century, such consolation as that delivers.
But, he wasn't one of the "Great" presidents.
There are STILL only three of those: Washington, Lincoln and FDR. Lowbarry's handling of the fall-out from the '08/09 financial debacle was mightily flawed, his appointments were dreadful (though they don't look quite so bad now, I guess, in comparison with Trompolina's).
I'll say this about greatness:
If whosoever is the NEXT President, or ANY subsequent President, is able to rescue popular sovereignty or any other vestige of "Democracy in America," THAT President will join the "GREAT" ones.

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