Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fuckerberg's Revenge

I am going through withdrawal.

Facebook, through means and for reasons I have not fathomed, has removed me, and erased all prior trace of my existence.

A non-person.

Formerly, due to physical infirmities which substantially impair my mobility, "Dr. Woody" / "Yer ol'  perfesser" was accustomed to spending 8-10 hours daily interpreting the transient phenomena--the "passing parade"-- and remarking upon it. It was almost my only pleasure: Without daily doses of the exquisite schadenfreude, that I have hardly any 'freude' at all, since Sunday. The travails of such human refuse as the "diddling" Duggars, and their toppling from the precipice of celebrity into the mire of snickering, knowing, leering, lurid supposition was ths sort of thing I lived for and do still. Without Fuckerberg's folly where can I turn?

I like to think that I am/was impartially disgusted by and universally dismissive of stupidity where EVER I have found it.

I intend to remain as much so as my time and resources permit, but for the time being, it will probably have to be conducted from my blog-pages.

I therefor invite any and all of my F-book comerades, commentators, and correspondents to join me here, and help me persist in my avocation of obloquizing and calumnizing the deserving, and trying to rationally confront and repel the raging ignorance and bloody chaos all around us.


  1. Posted on my wall, in secular and in Benedict.

    Um... FB techies suck.

  2. OK, so yeah. I was worried.
    And now, until Zucker's Minions locate the correct pigeon-hole for to fit you in, here you are. Whew.
    One of the daughters went through it. They (Z.M.'s) thought she was a "bot". Reinstated her after a week. Hang in there, Perfesser.

  3. We wondered what happened to you. Good to see you over here.

  4. (Damn, OK, 2nd try as I think my comment was swallowed):
    Woody that sucks and now I wonder if it will happen to me too!

  5. A friend wrote this on my timeline, in comments:

    >>>Facebook has made a big point over the years of having real identities for its users, but it looks like that requirement is soon going to disappear, and users will be able to use made-up names for more anonymity. Call it the Snapchat effect.

    According to a profile of Mark Zuckerberg published today in BusinessWeek — to mark Facebook’s 10th anniversary — the social network plans to let users log in anonymously in a set of new apps it is planning to release (for more on that app strategy, check out Josh’s insightful look here). Paper, a new Facebook reading app out today, does require Facebook login, but that looks like it may now become the exception rather than the rule.

    Zuckerberg once described the idea of having two identities as showing a “lack of integrity,” but he now says that real identity can be a millstone. “I don’t know if the balance has swung too far, but I definitely think we’re at the point where we don’t need to keep on only doing real identity things,” he told BusinessWeek. “If you’re always under the pressure of real identity, I think that is somewhat of a burden.”<<<<

    So if your identity is the reason, it doubly sucks because soon, Zuckerberg won't mind fake identities at all.

  6. hi Woody. I was wondering where you were on fb. I did think to myself recently that a recent comment of yours - having to do with physical harm if not death threat - about a public figure was what got Atrios after your ass years ago.
    My guess is that is what happened on fb. no death threats no matter how 'artistic'

    1. IOW - you made a comment on fb recently that was probably considered unacceptable. Does the punishment fit the crime?
      I hate to think it.