Sunday, March 26, 2017

Skin and Bones

Woody'z mentioned that I have lost a bunch of weight (between 40-50 lb, depending on when you start counting).
Down from snug 40" waist pants this time last year, to comfy 36s today.
Folx have asked me how I did it.
Here's my recipe; YMMV:
For a major thing, I abjured all/any additional 'sugar' on anything. If it had/has sugar in it, there's nothing I can do; but if not, I don't add any. Sugar, honey, none of it. That took off the first 20 or so lb.
Then I ceased consuming alcohol, too (on Thanksgiving), since it turns directly into sugar..
That accounted for the last 20 or so.
FIRST, though, I consciously subdued my appetite.
When I quit smoking, in '94--via hypnotherapy, after 40 years--I learned a valuable trick: The therapist told me, anytime I felt the desire for a cigaret, I should rub a coin in my pocket between thumb and forefinger. and say, to myself: "I don't want, and surely don't NEED that fucking thing!" a couple of times and the desire passed.
I adapted the same strategy (sans hypnosis) to appetite.
It seems to have worked, because since my birthdaqy last year, I've dropped from about 235 lbs to around 190 lbs, and feel sooo much better.
N.B: The last time I lost significant weight I was nursing my parents towards their final rest, and I attributed it to depression. I think, in this case, at least the last 20 lb went via the same stimulus: depression, but now at the demise of my country.

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