Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tuck Frump!

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Summary: This asswhole is NOT "My president."
During the campaign, I heard/read folks who opined that what they critically called "incrementalism" was a failed/failing strategy for "change."
I would direct them to:
"The Great, Incremental, GOPhux/USer/Fascist Coup, 1952-2016." It began unobtrusively, with the Hunt Bros and their ilk in the John Birch Society in the 50s, though the roots run back into the '30s. Ike laughed at them, foolishly.
He apparently didn't understand the power of big money and no scruples. Pretty dumb for a five-star general, it seems to me. Harry Truman had signed the 1947 National Security Act, which founded the CIA and legitimated all future supervisory authoritarianism in the USA.
The first overt act of the emerging coup was JFK assassination, in '63, and nobody laughed (probably authorized by Allen Dulles and supervised by Poppy Boosh, who was always a Company man).
Then we had tricky Dick-face and demented Ronnie Raygoon, who consolidating the previous gains, and introducing the estimable arts of 'rat-fucking" and the Powell Memorandum, the blue-print for reversing the counter-culture gains of the '60s and '70s, and for the Conservaturd Restoration. Powell went on the SCROTES to supervise its implementation.
For example, there was the Clinton impeachment, which was purely political and aimed at delegitimizing his presidency. After which the SCROTES/Sandra O'Connor installed the Boosheviks: invasion, torture, war crimes, and terrorism ensued, and authoritarianism was seriously tightened.
They led to Prez. Lowbar who, as a "double minority" President, couldn't withstand the concerted push to GOPhux delegitemize his presidency. He couldn't evenm seat a SCROTE Justice.
And now ElTrumpo steps up to finish it all off.
ElTrumpo's JOB is to strip the presidency of any residual, popular, political legitimacy that might still remain after 16 years of intermittent DIM OCCUPANCY.
You MUST understand:
EVERYTHING he does or does not do is directed at that goal.
ElTrumpo has been placed in the position he is in for the sole and only purpose of demolishing every and any part of the Federal state that the People could call upon obstruct the final, total, wholesale, corpoRat appropriation of the machineries of govt. and the remaining riches of the commons. This is the end of the "American Experiment" with democracy.
If nothing stops him, nothing WILL stop him....

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