Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Boat of Goat?

Cold Turkey: Woody'z undergoing an experiment.
 I've temporarily suspended my consumption of alcohol.
 I haven't had anything alcoholic to drink since last Saturday night. But this isn't about temperance. 
This is when I learned of gout.when I found out about gout.
For the past MANY months, I have been experiencing fierce, radiating pain the big toe, and the next two toes, of my tight foot, intermittently to regularly.
Meanwhile, my foot felt like there was always a bunch of sock under the ball of my right foot, which was never there when I removed my shoe to check. I believe it was throwing me off my stride, and causing, or at least contributing to, my general ambulatory difficulties.
I mentioned the symptom to a pal who is just about a degenerate and dissolute as I, and he said, "That sounds like gout."
Such a thing had never occurred to me, but I turned straight away to the Google (39,100,000 hits) and pretty soon learned that there was indeed a well-researched, well-established link between alcohol consumption and gout.
 This presented me with a scientific opportunity to investigate 1) whether there were a causal connection between MY alcohol consumption and my pains, and 2)whether I could quit booze cold turkey.
The answer, after one week, so far is a qualified "Yes" to both questions.

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