Monday, March 14, 2016

Morality & Voting: The Dilemma of the "Lesser" Evil.

There sure is a LOT of hysterical, "true-believer"-kind, ideological purity on display in the DIM primary contests between Bernie and Hillary.

One of them will be the Party nominee (and there's no point in moaning about "third parties."). That person will HAVE to defeat whatever clown the GOPhux throw up. If, after the past 35 years, you can placidly view the prospect of ANY of them in the WhiteHouse, you should turn in your driver's license, surrender your kids, and turn in your guns, because you're dangerously demented.

Promising NOT to support or even vote for Hillary if she prevails in the primary contest--which I have encountered in MANY whom I previously respected--is a symptom and index of the  social and economic "privilege" which the folks proclaiming it enjoy.

It's their way of saying "I'm so protected and insulated by my privilege that I will be "safe enough," no matter what shit the GOPhux may pull, with complete control of the Gummint. It won't affect me."

(Though they'll deny it signifies any such thing. But they're already delusional.)

When the choice is between varieties of CorpoRat war mongers, I'll select the one with the least toxic DOMESTIC agenda.

All/ANY USer leader/President will (MUST!) necessarily and enthusiastically prosecute the Empire's international/regional programs. No one person can interfere. The Empire will roll on until it doesn't anymore. That's NOT something that's within the individual's or the voters' power to decide.

The determining factor to me is who will minimize DOMESTIC damage.
I'm a Rawlsian*: Act so as to endorse/support the LEAST HARM to the greatest number. That, to me, means that if Bernie is vanquished, and Hillary is the nominee, there is a moral imperative to vote for her.

In any case, whosoever finally wins, the GOPhux won't let any Dim govern.

They haven't, since 1992. It's nothing "personal." They are intent that NO ONE but they should hold or use actual power in this country. They've been organizing and preparing for this for almost 70 years.

Prez Lowbar provided the perfect excuse and opportunity to expand this design, because he was 'disqualified' on TWO counts: 1) he's a "Dim," and 2) he's not WHITE. The perfect storm, you might say.

History has amply demonstrated that when the lesser evil is defeated, usually it is by a GREATER one.

I'll vote for Bernie in the Primary, here, in June. But if he does NOT win the nomination, and Hillary does, I shall vote for Hillary, AGAINST the fucking GOPhux.

*Rawlsian: An acolyte of John Rawls, (late) Harvard ethicist and political philosopher whose major work was/is "A Theory of Justice."

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