Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hitting a Child IS "Child Abuse." Period!

One thing I'd bet dollahs to quatloos: Someone who beats a child was beaten AS a child.
You NEVER forget...(Woody blushes, autobiographically)...
Ask anybody.
There's never any ambiguity: you were beaten (spanked, whipped, call it what you will) by someone who was supposed and pretended to protect you (a parent); you remember.
If it happened more than once, there is no "why." It's just a fact of life: When you get home, yer gonna GIT it!
Abusers were abused. It's not an "excuse" It's what happens. Even when there's a realization that it might be "wrong," the abuser finds rationales for their actions, which also function to excuse their abusive parent.
Did you see/watch that Hannity clip where he's smacking the crap outta his desk with a belt while explaining how he'd bee3n beaten by his father, and HE was okay?
Funny how that works.
Oh, yeah, no doubt: It's probably the main reason I NEVER wanted children.

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