Friday, May 31, 2013

Wild Fire Season, First of the Year, in the Mountains South East of Santa Fe

FIRE!: There is a reason there is a fire burning over 1,000 acres and growing in Pecos Canyon. While the high winds that blew down a power line are apparently to blame for sparking the fire, the continued high winds, the 3rd consecutive year of drought, plentiful fuel in the region and prohibitive conditions for air drops of retardants have made this a manual firefight for now until conditions improve. Prayers and rain would both be appreciated.
We've had LESS than an inch of precipitation since OCTOBER, 2012.

"In the eight months since Oct. 1, just 0.91 of an inch of rain has fallen at the Weather Service’s Albuquerque station, less than a quarter of average," reports the Albuquerque Journal.

Fire Season is officially upon us. There is a potentially BAD one burning in the Sangres around Pecos, near the community of Tres Lagunas. Mostly vacation homes and camping facilities.
The Albuquerque Mayor and other municipal officials in neighboring municipalities have closed the Bosque (riverside forest) along the Rio Grande.
I HOPE the feculent, reeking tool in Santa Fe, the carpetbagging culo governor, has the sense to close STATE facilities. Locals may keep abreast of the current situations by visiting THIS PAGE: The feds have closed the Cibola Nat. Forest.
Woody'z advice: Stay the fuck outta the woods, watch what you're doing.
Thanks to Garret Vreeland (@dangerousmeta) for sharing this early picture of the Tres Lagunas wildfire burning in the Santa Fe NF just north of Pecos. The picture was captured around 7:32pm MDT Thursday, May 30th from a roadblock in Pecos Canyon. Additional pictures are available at

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