Friday, November 9, 2012

When I Saw THis Ad, I KNEW Barry Was Home-Free

 Have you seen the ads for the new Guinness "Black" lager: "Once black, never go back!

Swear to fucking christ!

Remember when the Chimperor was the candidate, ads fir Busch beer were ubiquitous (and now you don't see 'em ANYWHERE anymore?). I wonder if this is not a new electoral bell-weather?

That notwithstanding, I am still sure in my "hoh" that they need Obomber's notable "shamwow" qualities a while longer, since there is still a strong, lingerig stench of the Chimperor Bush around.

It's gonna take the Great Austerity (coming soon to a neighborhood/city/state near you) to remove the filthy reek and wreckage of the Crash fo 07-08 from the noses of the people and the press.... And they want that smiling, friendlier guy to first, sell it, and then second, to bear the blame for it.

By the way:

The folks in the greatest distress about the possibility of a Mormon president comes from the traditional cults whose own sacred structures of figment and fabrication are NOT far from those of the Latter Day variety, upon ANY kind of 'objective' analysis.

Rules scribed onto lost golden dinnerware from the Planet Kolob don't actually look THAT strange when viewed beside chatty, smoldering shrubberies and satanic serpent-savants.

That is to say: they both appear equally improbable and abhorent to the rational mind. But Mormonism's more recent genesis casts the ancient superstitions into a harsher relief; it reveals its own, but also THEIR own, made-up qualities.

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