Friday, March 9, 2012

Push Rush

Woody advises: Rush gets payed handsomely to say aloud, in public, and on the radio, where anybody can hear it, what several SCORE of million mouth-breathing, troglodytic, knuckle-dragging, misogynistic creeps want to hear--but daren't themselves say, much less think, on penalty of their spouses going all Bobbit on their asses (so to speak).

They can't say it even at home any more.

But Rush can, during the day, when they're out driving, alone, in a rental or a company car, Fed-Ex or UPS truck, between cold call and hot delivery. He echoes cavernously in the fiberglass and aluminum coffins.

Push just about any button on a rental-car radio. And the dittoes POUR forth...

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